Friday, April 27, 2012

three little words

As  a Mom I find myself repeating three little words every morning

 see if you do too!

                                            Three little words for the morning routine:

I love you,
wake up sunshine
time for school
please get dressed
brush your hair
yes now please
make your bed
eat your breakfast
here's your tea
here's your milk
clean your place
in the dishwasher
brush your teeth
i love you
now is good
do it now
I will sing!
yes very loudly
please get dressed
brush your hair

get your backpack
find your sweater
grab your lunch
get your shoes
please hurry up
love you too
hug hug kiss
kiss hug hug

I said so
please get moving
yes now please
I love you
see you later
good bye sweetie
i love you
hug kiss hug

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