Tuesday, May 1, 2012

toys, toys and more toys... what do I remember about toys.  Compared to today's world, life seemed simpler when I was a girl.    I watch my daughters play now with chalk.  I loved chalk and thankfully they love chalk.  I love the creativity it allows us to have outside.  There aren't any rules about staying in the line.  I never could anyway.  I never wanted to.  I believe in coloring outside the line to allow a new form of shape to come to life.  I love chalk.  you could create a tree with purple stars in it. 

I see the new style of chalk today, neon colors, spray chalk...there are many forms.
 The one type that my children have come to love is big fat simple chalk.  
The fun of creating using your imagination is wonderful.
 The walk way looks like an artist gallery.  The designs would  not disappear until nature's eraser comes along.  We would  watch the rain drip drop drip onto our chalkboard a little sad to see our masterpiece disappear, but never felt sad for long.  We always had another day of fun in the sun. 

   I remember coloring with chalk on the ashpalt driveway.  Trying desperately not to scrap our knuckles as I created my masterpiece.  If we did, we didn't really fuss, we kept on coloring not to be distracted from our work of art.  To see our hands become covered in colored chalk.  The feel of it on our fingers really never leaves our memories.  
From time to time I would step back and scrutinize my work or my friends work.  Never a mean word was said,  We could be outside for hours filling the driveway full of pictures.  
When my father would come home, trying to tell him not to drive over our work.... he did try his best.  The fond memories of a simpler time.  Chalk. 

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