Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Few Gifts

Last night was the last faith formation class for this year. As I taught this year I have come to love and treasure each of my students. They are all charming in their own way. (even tho' they did drive me a little batty from time to time. My best revenge I mean game we played was Guesstures (a charade game) with the biggest kid in the class having to act our the word "tinkerbell." ( I ...just couldn't help myself.. hee hee). He was a great sport and has the personality to carry it off. The best gift I received was not something you could buy. It was the few comments the students shared with me before they left...and I will hold them in my heart. From the most difficult wisen hiemer student ~ he gave me a huge hug ( and I mean huge squeezing the stuffing out of me type of hug) that he will miss me and Thanked me for helping him. I was shocked to hear this from him to tell you the truth. Another gift was from a very sweet girl who has the best smile in the world...she shared that this was the best year she ever had in religious ed classes, she had fun. Again I was absolutely surprised. Are you teaching 8th grade for us next year was another question? For all my doubts and frustrations these small words were priceless. I am so Blessed. ♥

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