Monday, May 14, 2012

I love you 100 %

I Love You 100%
These Four words and a symbol mean so much, especially to a mother.
  My youngest daughter wrote a simple note to me inside a book cover that she herself purchased.  She drew a simple but happy picture on the inside cover along with the words  I love you 100%.  You are the bestest Mom 100%!

I, of course became teary eyed because that is what I do.  I tear up with emotion when anyone expresses their love to me, to others, on a commercial, on a card.  You understand.... I am sappy about love.   
Who in today's world, other than a child and God will tell you they love you 100%.   Maybe your parents. 

To freely admit these words  I love you 100%. For a child to say this, it is with their entire heart body and soul. 
  I love my children 100%, would give my life for them.  Do I expect this in return?  No I don't and wouldn't want them to. 
I only wish I could share these words so freely rather than be so guarded.  As we grow up, we hopefully gained insight and wisdom along the way.  We all have felt the pain of adolescence .  Some of have had a more difficult time than others.  We all have felt the pain of losing someone whether it be by death, loss of a friendship, a break up,  moving away, going to a new school, or a new job.  We have  learned to guard our hearts from cynics, sarcastic remarks, people who do not" have our backs" so to speak. 
 Do you tell your family or very dear friends that you love them 100%? 
I tell my children and husband. on a daily basis that I love them  They tell me they love me in return. I can honestly say I haven't ever told my family and  friends " I love you 100%."   Sure I tell them I love them, give them kisses and hugs when I see them.  But to say those words, well now; that is a challenge.

So my dear friends is your challenge ~ tell your family and friends you love them 100%.   
 Should you accept this challenge be prepared to a) receive a strange look, even a quirked eyebrow. b) be hugged c) your family and friends may ask " are you alright today?"  d) are you sick? e) what is really wrong?  
 f) eye rolling (especially if it a child in the teen to young adulthood person. 
Do it anyway.  Then walk away smiling.  Maybe just maybe you will hear those words in return. 

They are powerful words.  I love you 100%.  The will help us through difficult days. 
 They will know you love them unconditionally.  If you share this with your friends; be assured, they will carry this knowledge with them in their hearts ...for their lifetime.  
Now that is a true gift.

                         So I challenge you to fill their hearts and  lift their spirits. 

                                         Just in case no one has told you   

                                              I Love YOU 100 %   

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